Constance Guisset, design actio !

About Constance Guisset


Born in 1976, Constance Guisset is a French contemporary designer well known in the design World.

After studying economics at ESSEC and politics at Sciences Po Paris, she turned herself towards industrial design studying at ENSCI.

Very versatile, Constance Guisset is as talented in design as she is in installation and scenography. With a subtle and delicious touch of impertinence, she likes to take action, create, respond to demand, sidestep it, and sometimes provoke it too.

Besides, she won many prizes in design and scenography such as Paris Grand Design Prize, Creator of the year – Maison&Objet, Designer’s Days price for best scenography, Wallpaper prize “Best Use of Color”, …

She has worked in collaboration with big design studios all around the World and today is showcased in many museums such as Centre Pompidou and is demanded for exhibitions scenography. She also works in collaboration with famous brands like Monoprix or Cyrillus.



About the exhibition


In the heart of Paris cultural center, the musée des Arts Décoratifs welcomes you after the huge success of Dior exhibition to dream through Constance Guisset’s work.

Just in between the very famous Louvres museum and the wonderful Tuileries garden, this institution in located in a magical and historical neighborhood.

Musée des Arts Décoratifs


After having worked a lot in collaboration with the musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris signing some of their most beautiful exhibitions scenography, Constance Guisset is finally exhibiting in her own right.

Upon this exhibition, she is showing us her own approach of design and her vision of our contemporary World in a very innovative and surprising way. She organized the visit like if it was a home and transformed the museums units into living rooms. For each, she thought about a specific action which is peculiar to this place and brainstormed some keywords around the subject. For instance, the hall is ruled by the action of welcoming.

exposition Constance Guisset design actio


The exhibition is divided in two parts, Museum Life and The Life of Objects.


In the first part, each room shows traditional art pieces from Middle Age, Renaissance and French Monarchy such as tapestries, furniture, crockeries, wooden friezes and sculptures. Always thinking about the room atmosphere and purpose, Constance Guisset confronted these historical pieces with contemporary objects she made. What is more, she made objects converse with each other revealing design history in a very humorous and educative way. For example, you’ll find in a room a 16th century canopy bed discussing on sleep history with its nephew, the PLUME bed, one of her own creations which is more of a modulate object. At the end, you’ll have a view on how our expectations of living has evolved upon the centuries.

Constance Guisset, design actio au musée des arts décoratifs

The second part, still following action words, focuses more on her own creations. More of a succession of rooms and surprises, this part invites the visitor to participate and live the experience of the room atmosphere. First room is about the action Captivating and was transformed into a magical immersive installation with lamps playing with light and shadows. Then you enter the living room where you can have a sit on coaches, chairs or footstools and take some time to read, draw, discuss with people around, all in all to take some time to live in together. Moreover, visitors are invited to open some closets and uncover real contemporary cabinets of curiosities.

For the end of this part you’ll pass by diverse rooms walking through corridors entirely overwhelmed by her studies and researches, offering to you a creative journey inside her universe.


In conclusion, considering that design is the art that reflects its time, Constance Guisset presents you her creative process. More than an exhibition, this is an exclusive experience that we totally recommend. This exhibition is perfect for a family outing and will make dream, laugh and think everyone from any generation.


This exhibition ends on march 11th, don’t wait until then! For an exclusive and private tour experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us.