• Kergorlay Langsdorff's Mansion in Paris

Mansion Kergorlay Langsdorff


In elegant western Paris, at the end of the Colline de Chaillot, visit the last mansion, Mansion Kergorlay Langsdorff, and discover the art de vivre which dominated french high society at the turn of the 19th century. You will be accompanied by your private guide,doctor in art history and a recognized professional in Paris in the organization of conferences, animations and events related to art, culture and French art de vivre, in particular with prestigious Houses; but also by the proprietor himself and who will explain the role of the architect, his ancestor Paul-Ernest Sanson and his connection with Napoleon which brings about a unique cameo of the Emperor.

At the end of this visit, if you wish to pursue this exchange with your guide, you are welcome to invite him for a drink or a meal in a restaurant nearby that he would be delighted to recommend to you.


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