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You probably know the Louvre as the most visited museum in Paris, but do you know its true history? Because before being a museum, the Louvre is a castle, a royal castle, which was the home of several kings of France, Philip Augustus, Napoleon III, through Henry II and Louis XIV …
The Louvre has a thousand and one secrets: from its medieval origin and thanks to the excavations that were made in the courtyards of the old fortress of Philippe Auguste, then when it was transformed into a luxurious royal residence by Charles V. Our guide , renowned historian, will take you on a journey back in time through the halls of the Sully wing, the Henri II staircase, the Louis XIV room and the Victorian reception rooms and you will be delighted by his anecdotes crisp, humor and entertaining tone.
Discover or rediscover the Louvre as you have never imagined, in the footsteps of the kings of France, the medieval era, the lavish receptions of the court of Napoleon III. If you want us to reveal the secrets of the Louvre … contact us!

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