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Haven’t you ever dreamt to discover the exceptional beauties of the Château de Versailles after its closing time? The absolute privilege of having the castle just for you!

ArtLuxury is delighted to invite you for such a memorable experience: we propose to curate for you a completely private visit during the closing hours or days, that is: every Monday or any other day after 6 pm.

Immersed in the magnificence of this unique Palace, let yourself be expertly guided by your Conférencier of the Château de Versailles to discover the secrets and works of art of the Château.  From the unmissable Hall of Mirrors to the King’s and Queen’s salons, enjoy this exceptional journey to the Age of Enlightenment by retracing the customs of the period in this place steeped in history.

A unique opportunity to indulge yourself in the splendors of this royal universe, the embodiment of the grandeur and elegance desired by Louis XIV, the Sun King, the perfect symbol of our cultural heritage and our French Art de Vivre!

Upon your request (group of less than 10 or 15 people) and availability, this private guided tour of the Palace of Versailles will be provided by one of its speakers / Conférencier, or even, and we keep the surprise in store for you, by its General Curator.

In addition, we can also arrange for you the ultimate experience at Versailles: a private visit with full privatization of the Château!

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