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One exclusive day in Versailles



An exclusive full day tour around the Château de Versailles! With your guide, a passionated of History who has collaborated with many historians, curators and heritage directors of Museums will make you discover the magnificence and the secrets of this palace, symbol of the French History grandeur.
A memorable visit to admire Versailles masterpieces : the Marquess of Pompadour’s apartment, the Mesdames’ apartments, the small apartments designed by Louis XV, redecorated by Marie-Antoinette, and the exceptional gardens designed by André Le Nôtre…

After lunch, you will discover the Grand Trianon, where Louis XIV lived and then Petit Trianon,  renovated in 2008 by the Maison Bréguet, Marie-Antoinette’s haven of peace: a place of gardens and nature, refuge from the rigors of etiquette and rooms where she could meet in private Count Alex von Ferson, friend and possible lover.

More then a plaisant walk, an exploration of the deepest secrets of our most famous Kings and Queens.

*NEW* : Discover the current exhibition
“Peter the Great, a Tsar in France – 1717″

(Please note that the lunch is included on the basis of 65€ per person, any excess over that amount will be at your expense.)



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