Léonard De Vinci<br /> l’exposition historique du Louvre !


Leonardo DeVinci Leonardo DeVinci
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ArtLuxury was there before all the world, but it is well on October 24th, 2019 that the general public has the opportunity to discover a large exhibition being held at the Louvre just when these lines are written.

An extraordinary artist, fragile works of inestimable value and ten years of preparation, this is the recipe that creates the event in 500 th  anniversary of the death of Master Da Vinci.

After a very long period of work and many twists and turns in the organization and implementation of this news, the report is clear: De Vinci creates Event of the Year at the Louvre on the occasion of its half-millennium of ‘anniversary.

This unique cultural event attracts the attention of the whole world. ArtLuxury had the immense privilege to attend the opening of the exhibition on October 21, 2019.

During the event the visitor can discover the exceptional exhibition of the artist through several dark rooms to preserve the exhibited works.

It is organized around four themes:

  • Light shadow, relief
  • Freedom
  • Science
  • Life

This gives us the opportunity to closely observe the creative process and the precision of the artist.

Leonardo DeVinci IMG_1399
Leonardo DeVinci

Among the works made available to the visitor’s view: sculptures, paintings drawings but also a large number of manuscripts of the Italian artist provoking curiosity and emotion for sure.

The technology of « Infrared Reflexology » can also focus on the artist’s sketching and thus appreciate the precision of the technique of the latter.

A summary is not enough to testify to what the exhibition has to offer: simply, this unique and historic event is not to be missed.

If the comfort of a VIP service, personalized, with an official Guide-Speaker of the Museum seduces you, we propose to organize for you the visit (1h30) of this exhibition Leonardo da Vinci (attention: closing of the exhibition February 24, 2020 ) or at any time visit the permanent works of the Louvre.

So, do not hesitate,  ArtLuxury invites you   to discover Leonardo da Vinci and the Louvre Museum in an exceptional way.

Leonardo DeVinci