Famille Di Gioia


Gentilissimo Hugues,

è con grande piacere che vi scrivo per dire che siamo stati molto soddisfatti dei vostri servizi, della ottima accoglienza e soprattutto della tua disponibilità ad essere sempre vicino a noi. Se un giorno tornerò a Parigi, sarò ancora vostro ospite.

Grazie tante. Gianni


Dear Hugues,

It is with great pleasure that I am writing to say that we were very satisfied with your services, the excellent welcome and above all your willingness to always be close to us. If I return to Paris one day, I will still be your guest.

Thank you very much. GianniWhatsApp Image 2022-09-10 at 20.07.41

dégustation autour d’un accord unique entre mets et vins avec Max et sa femme

dégustation autour d’un accord unique entre mets et vins avec Max et sa femme


Bonjour Olivier,

Ma femme et moi avons passé un moment formidable avec Béatrice cet après-midi. Elle était tellement amusante et a fait un travail incroyable. Merci beaucoup pour votre aide dans l’organisation de cette dégustation ! La nourriture et le vin étaient incroyables, et nous nous assurerons de dire à nos amis d’utiliser ArtLuxury Experience lors de leur visite à Paris.

Merci beaucoup,

Famille Favo à Versailles & Paris

Famille Favo à Versailles & Paris

Dearest Olivier,
Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for being such a great host and a wonderful tour guide. From first point of contact, you are delight. Knowledgeable, kind, interactive, engaging. you helped me plan out all important events I want to attend. Specially getting tickets information for Fêtes Galantes.
The Versailles visit was exceptional! It was the highlight of our wedding anniversary trip by visiting Mirror hall, and private tour after that. It was always my dream and you made my dream come true on our special anniversary.
You and your staffs have such warm personality and are highly motivated. We truly enjoyed picnic by the Eiffel tower, walking tour for food, tea etc. The Picnic scenery was beautiful, and it was like having a picnic with our own families in such a quiet and peaceful environment. It was a great way to end our Paris trip.
You and this trip will be etched out in our memories forever.
galerie des glaces-Fêtes Galantes
Galerie des glaces Family
Again, Thank you!
The Favo Family
Kathleen et sa famille à Paris : city tour en DS vintage

Kathleen et sa famille à Paris : city tour en DS vintage



           Thank you so much for providing my family a one of kind experience during our Paris trip! The tour of Paris in the vintage Citroen DS was truly a unique and special event!
            Our driver, Alain, was absolutely the right combination of professionalism and personal attention. He arrived promptly, and was very courteous and pleasant. Alain allowed us to choose what we’d like to see but also made very helpful suggestions – he even made some suggestions for things we could do later in the trip, near our hotel. He clearly knew the “best spots” for great views and was knowledgeable about what to avoid (for example what roads were likely to be closed on a Sunday). The car itself is beautifully maintained and provides a comfortable ride.
          I especially would like to thank you for working so closely with me both before and after I arrived in Paris to ensure that we were able to have this great experience. You truly went above and beyond expectations in terms of customer service, and I appreciate it very much.
We plan to return to Paris one day, hopefully soon, and we will definitely want to book another wonderful experience through your agency. Thank you!
Celeste & Mia, Lisbonne

Celeste & Mia, Lisbonne


🙏Thanks a lot Olivier. Everything was so lovely we really enjoy these two days! The experience at Versailles was 🔝. Camille was so kind with us. Thanks again for being caring and organise perfectly for us. Looking forward for another experience in Paris ✨✨😙


La famille Loh de Singapour

La famille Loh de Singapour


We would like to thank you for organizing this wonderful trip in Mont Saint Michel  and Saint Malo ( 29 to 31 december 2021):

The guides Florence ( in Saint Malo), Inga (the oyster farm in Cancale), Gaëlle ( Mont Saint Michel village ) are all excellent.

And the private Abbey Mt St Michel evening visit: 👍👍👍

Domagoj et ses amis : Premier séjour à Paris

Domagoj et ses amis : Premier séjour à Paris


Dear Olivier,

thank you for the unforgettable experience in Paris! We had a great time with all private organized tours especially the after closing hours Versailles tour.

All of the speakers and guides were very professional and dedicated to make us feel welcome and special.

See you again in 2024 :)

Dana & Andro

Dana & Andro


Dear friends,

We were very satisfied with our visit to Bordeaux. The guides as well as the drivers were very good and it was very nice and informative to listen to them. The vintage car tour was amazing. We enjoyed very nice meals in restaurants. During the whole trip we enjoyed personal and attentive service, we will come again. Thank you all for such a nice vacation!

Dana and Andro

Patrick B. City Tour in Paris by Night in Cadillac


Such a marvelous car! Wonderful city tour in Paris in a Cadillac. By night Paris is even more breathetaking. The driver immerses you to visit the streets and monuments of the Capitale in a car of unparalleled charm and comfort. Moreover, the driver is charming, careful and attentive.

Patrick B.

Mathias F. : Pastry classes.

Mathias F. : Pastry classes.


Such a memorable time ! I had great pleasure cooking pastry and cream puffs with Anne, in particular chocolate and vanillia choux à la crème. This was a wonderful experience concluded by a so delectable cup of Champagne on her beautiful rooftop with a magnificient overview on Sacré-Cœur !

Mathias F.

Fêtes Galantes: Alex et ses ami(e)s !

Fêtes Galantes: Alex et ses ami(e)s !


C’était il y a déjà trois ans, en 2017, qu’ ArtLuxury organisait pour Alex et ses ami(e)s Américain(e)s la mémorable participation aux Fêtes Galantes de Versailles. L’édition 2020 ayant été annulée du fait du confinement COVID19, nous avons créé la semaine dernière, en souvenir, cette vidéo afin de graver à jamais cet incroyable moment dans nos mémoires!

Voici le message adorable, que nous a laissé Alex en remerciement:
“OMGoddess! I love it!”
“It was one of the most memorable events of my life.”
“You helped me organize 40 women to attend a costume ball at Versailles…”
“You can create memorable experiences for your clients in Paris, France and Europe.”
“Thank you.”

Nous vous invitons à découvrir cette soirée de rêve dans notre vidéo !

Lisa L. & sa famille

Lisa L. & sa famille


Last Sunday I wanted to organize a special guided tour for my parents and brother who were visiting Paris. Thanks to ArtLuxury and Olivier we organized a visit of the Opera Garnier and the Covered Passages so called : »passages couverts », which are a specificity of Parisian and even royal French history.

The visit was amazing, the speaker was very interesting. she told us tons of anecdotes and details on the Opera paintings that we would not have been able to know without her experience.

I fully recommend the services of Olivier, he is super helpful and reactive; he has indeed amazing tours and experiences to propose.

We spent 3 hours out-of the time.

Thank you !!!


Opéra garnier  Opéra garnier 2  Opéra garnier 3

Family Honigmann, USA


Thank you so much ! We are very grateful for this great private tour yesterday in Champagne, and for your perfect adaptation to the last minute changes due to this exceptional heat wave!

Family Honigmann, USA



Family M.Seidner, Boston, USA

Family M.Seidner, Boston, USA


M. SEIDNER testimonial – ArtLuxury Experience

Hi Olivier. We have had a wonderful stay indeed. A terrific cruise tour aboard your yacht, an exquisite picnic on the champ de mars… and a large part of it is in thank to you and your kind, expert care. Until next time.

Family M.Seidner, Boston, USA

Alex A.


Greetings Olivier,

I could not have managed this event of the Fêtes Galantes for 40 people without your help. You went to great lengths, above and beyond expectations, to ensure that our event was magical and everything that we dreamed it would be and even more. 

I fell in love with Paris and look forward to returning. (…) I would like to think about another visit next spring. May was a good time I think. Please let me know what are your thoughts and suggestions.

(…) It was such a pleasure working with you.

Thank you so much.

(Hawaii, U.S.A.)

Julie N.


Hi Olivier,

Thank you again for everything !  

We appreciate you going above and beyond for us, as you always do ! Thank you so much for your heroism, professionalism and attention in Paris. (…) We are so lucky to have had you !

With pleasure,


(New York City)

Lauren A.

Lauren A.


Hey Olivier,

I just wanted to say one last time how absolutely grateful I was for you this last week and how much I appreciate all that you do and did for us to make Paris absolutely remarkable.

The group on this trip have said this was the best Paris yet, and I agree.  Thank you for making it so seamless.


Thank you so much.

Can’t wait to see you again next year!

Much love,


Donna O.



Thank you thank you thank you for everything you did for us.

 It was an incredible Paris trip. The team shared with me how hard you worked for us. Thank you for getting us that beautiful boat […] Thank you for the party and show at Maxims […] I heard the Païva tours were perfection and the picnic location was divine.

I wish you and I could raise a glass of champagne together right now to celebrate our collaboration! I look forward to doing it all again next year!



Regena T.

Regena T.


We brought a group of nearly 100 persons to Paris this year for our final Creation Course event, and Olivier helped us create an unforgettable trip.

This was our second event with him, and he knocked it out of the park again!

Because of his incredible contacts in Paris, he helped us secure events at several of the most exclusive and exquisite places in Paris, all while navigating our group with ease and grace.

With his personal attention and devotion to every detail, Olivier always makes us feel like we’re his only client. He has shown us again and again that he will stop at nothing to see our vision come to fruition!

Honestly, above and beyond is where Olivier starts and finishes. He exceeded all of our expectations and then some. If you’re looking to create your own unforgettable Parisian adventure, we cannot recommend him highly enough.

With pleasure,

Regena T., New York

Edit & Danny B. H.

Edit & Danny B. H.


Cher Olivier,
Following the remarkable experience we had together on a gray Parisian Friday which turns to be bright and green, I think I must share this with your site’s visitors.
We met at Hotel de la Paiva on the Champs Elysees, a beautiful mansion which seats nowadays a private Gentleman club. We got professionally introduced to the mansion’s history, art, furniture and of course the original holding family’s story.
We then step into a 1956 beautiful and taken-care-as-new Citroen Traction-Avant driven and owned by Fredéric, a passionate and very nice Gentleman.
We were taken to the Château de la Petite Malmaison west of La Defense – the small chateau Of Josephine the Empress which is privately owned today and hosts events and concerts. A beautiful and unique place to host special events.
We then went to visit the Chef Michel Antoine at his own atelier on Montmartre hillside- a small private paradise among a mid-class neighborhood where he cooks privately to small groups.
Michel-Antoine is very nice to speak with and professionalize in variety of kitchen types. We spoke about French kitchen, vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free etc. he has huge knowledge and he is happy to share with.

It was indeed a unique day. Not only visiting new sites I would have never reached without you, we met wonderful and truly nice Parisian people with interesting stories and that added a remarkable impact on the tour.

Together with Danny we thank you immensely.

Edit & Danny B. H..

Melinda C.

Melinda C.


I absolutely love Olivier!  He’s phenomenal in helping to plan adventures and amazing experiences which are not the typical touristy types of things…. But that create memories of a lifetime. He is extraordinary at details for a couple of people, small groups and as we found out in Paris with Mama Gena’s crew, even large groups of people.  He goes above and beyond and is a great resource.


Melinda C.,USA

Julie N.

Julie N.


Bonjour Olivier,

I wanted to say thank you so much for such and exquisite experience you created for us! Paiva was a dream come true, over the top fabulous. Maxim’s was extraordinary, to be in that legendary cabaret, with the spirit of Edith Piaf and all the great performers.

And Vaux Le Vicomte!!!!!!! WOW. WOW. WOW.  I will never forget singing Tosca on the steps of the castle.

Thank you Olivier. You created an unforgettable experience and I will carry this with me all the days of my life. I would love to stay in touch with you. I will also recommend you to anyone I come across looking to travel to Paris. You are outstanding.

Thank you Olivier!

Merci beaucoup et a bientôt!

Julie N., New York,USA

Mindy G.


Dearest Olivier,

Just a note to say thank you – « Merci » for orchestrating the most magical events for us in Paris! The perfume of our desires thankfully made it to you and you were our hero. I am sure having all of us running around Paris in all our glory and making us happy was not an easy thing for you to do but you did it! It was magical and exciting and adventurous beyond anything I could have imagined. Olivier, you are charming and elegant and fun too;  This is an incredible combination.

Thank you for honoring us so deeply and pulling all kinds of strings and who knows what to make it all happen.

With so much gratitude and appreciation.

Mindy, New York, USA.

Patricia B.



How can I ever thank you!  You have created a personal relationship between France and myself that I will forever hold in my heart.

As you know, I came with a large group of women, and with a group of that size, I never expected the type of personal and curated experience you offered.

The tour of Maxim’s you arranged, with such a knowledgeable guide, brought the entire history of this iconic restaurant alive. Walking from room to room made me feel like just around the corner I would or could see anyone from Marcel Proust to Sarah Bernhardt to the Duke of Windsor with his famous bride, Mrs. Simpson.   I have taken many tours through many countries, but this intimate tour, with a guide who knew every detail and was able to wonderfully share that, was very magical.   It was truly an immersion in another time, so much so that when I stepped outside, I was a bit shocked to see it was 2015.  I really wanted to turn back and just have a few more minutes to savor that wonderful  place in time your guide so eloquently portrayed.

Your other excursions were equally magical. (suite…)

Zoë C.

Zoë C.


Art and luxury describes our tour perfectly. Olivier got us access where mere mortals are unwelcome, and he secured hosts and guides of unparalleled caliber. Not the highly trained tour guides we expect for our pretty penny, rather world-class experts and the owner of the most phenomenal private palace, which has been in his family for generations. Olivier, you were the epitome of grace and hospitality, and we absolutely adore you. I will certainly be in touch when I come to Paris again.

Zoë C., USA

Debra S.

Debra S.


Dear Olivier,

I am so pleased that Regena posted your email as I searched for your card upon my return and it was not to be seen. As I am in the travel business and only focus on high end travel, I am well aware of the value of well placed connections and a talent toward subtle social skills.  You are a master of both and Iwas so pleased that you were bestowed so much attention from the most beautiful goddesses. I was also gratified to see that my suggestion and introduction of Satya resulted in a visit to the atelier of Chanel with Regena and a few other goddesses.  I like to see myself as a bridge. Seeing a need and an opportunity and putting them together.  Again, of this you are a master. This was my first time to Paris with this group, and while I have been to Paris many times, I have never seen such elegant details attended to by a most elegant escort.

I look forward to remaining in contact with you and hope to enjoy your company and talents again.

With Great Respect

Debra S.,USA

Priscilla R.


Hello Olivier,

It was so wonderful talking with you at the picnic near the Tour Eiffel. Thank you for the incredible job you did.! You are a first-class guide and a gentleman.

Priscilla A. R.,USA

Hannah W.

Hannah W.


Dear Olivier,

We all continue to be in so much gratitude to you and all you provided for us in Paris.

Thank you again for being our Parisian hero, Olivier! We can’t wait to come back for more magic.

Hannah W., New-York,USA.

Regena T.

Regena T.


Dear Olivier,

I cannot speak highly enough of you and your services. You curated the experience of a lifetime for me, my staff, and our 70 students that we brought with us to Paris. You are more than a tour guide – you are a historian and a true gentleman of the highest order, you will stop at nothing to deliver a magical experience for your clients. You met every one of our (sometimes outrageous) desires with enthusiasm and expertise, and over-delivered at every turn. We are already beginning to plan our next trip with you, and trust we will have many more adventures to come.

Regena Thomashauer, Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts -New York