Kathleen et sa famille à Paris : city tour en DS vintage


           Thank you so much for providing my family a one of kind experience during our Paris trip! The tour of Paris in the vintage Citroen DS was truly a unique and special event!
            Our driver, Alain, was absolutely the right combination of professionalism and personal attention. He arrived promptly, and was very courteous and pleasant. Alain allowed us to choose what we’d like to see but also made very helpful suggestions – he even made some suggestions for things we could do later in the trip, near our hotel. He clearly knew the “best spots” for great views and was knowledgeable about what to avoid (for example what roads were likely to be closed on a Sunday). The car itself is beautifully maintained and provides a comfortable ride.
          I especially would like to thank you for working so closely with me both before and after I arrived in Paris to ensure that we were able to have this great experience. You truly went above and beyond expectations in terms of customer service, and I appreciate it very much.
We plan to return to Paris one day, hopefully soon, and we will definitely want to book another wonderful experience through your agency. Thank you!