Grace Ma, Singapour, 4 jours exclusifs avec nous

Olivier was an excellent and personable host-guide during my time in Paris. We visited Paiva, the Napoleon collection and Chateau de la Petite Malmaison. Olivier was always professional, kind and thoughtful. He would make sure I understood the explanations. The tours were very educational and all the guides were wonderful storytellers. You will have an amazing time!

We also met Francois, who introduced his vintage wines, some of which were nearly a century old. He has such a huge and exceptional collection yet his philosophy is to share with others through tasting sessions. His enthusiasm is so infectious that you cannot help but want to find out more. It was an honour to taste a sample of his wonderful collection.We also had super driver Alexis who got us from place to place in the shortest, safest way and was a friendly person to talk to. You are definitely in good hands when you book an experience with ArtLuxury.

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