How can I ever thank you!  You have created a personal relationship between France and myself that I will forever hold in my heart.

As you know, I came with a large group of women, and with a group of that size, I never expected the type of personal and curated experience you offered.

The tour of Maxim’s you arranged, with such a knowledgeable guide, brought the entire history of this iconic restaurant alive. Walking from room to room made me feel like just around the corner I would or could see anyone from Marcel Proust to Sarah Bernhardt to the Duke of Windsor with his famous bride, Mrs. Simpson.   I have taken many tours through many countries, but this intimate tour, with a guide who knew every detail and was able to wonderfully share that, was very magical.   It was truly an immersion in another time, so much so that when I stepped outside, I was a bit shocked to see it was 2015.  I really wanted to turn back and just have a few more minutes to savor that wonderful  place in time your guide so eloquently portrayed.

Your other excursions were equally magical.

The tour of Nicolas Fouquet’s  beautiful Vaux-le-Vicomte , which you so cleverly arranged at just the perfect time of day, so that we could see the grounds, explore the interior, and then as night descended, enjoy the 2,000 candles that were lit on the sweeping  staircases and grounds, followed by a climax of  fireworks lighting up the gardens and fountains was breathtaking.   I don’t know how you did it, but your arranging our group’s introduction to Jean-Charles de Vogüé, whose family owns this priceless piece of French history,   was so very thoughtful.   His words and passion for this beautiful property were so evident and started our tour in just the perfect way.

The Hotel la Paiva experience and the excellent guide you arranged, made me feel as if I was intimately acquainted with that famous woman myself.   I had actually passed that location many times during my time in Paris and never knew what a tantalizing experience and unbelievable treasures lay behind those doors until it was revealed by you.  That brought a time in history alive for me.   Thank you.

Our experiences flowed so smoothly, and our tours as arranged by you, brought the very best of France, from the 1600’s to the present, alive in a  special, memorable and very fun way.

I want to personally thank you for everything that you selected for our group and your care and attention to us while we were there.   You have forever changed my relationship, view, and love for France.  I can’t wait to return!


Patty B. The Bahamas