ArtLuxury Experience SAS is a limited liability company (SAS) based in Paris with a capital of 50 000 €

Registration N°: RCS Paris 795 129 402

Code APE: 7912Z

VAT N°: FR 11 795129402


  • Head office:

108 rue Saint Dominique

75007 Paris


  •  Travel Operator

ArtLuxury Experience SAS holds an official French Travel Agency (Operator) License delivered by Atout-France: N°: IM075130053


  • Financial Guarantee

ArtLuxury Experience is a Member of APST: “Association Professionnelle de Solidarité du tourisme” under the registration number N°IM075130053

The APST grants an unlimited service guarantee to final consumers according to the related articles L.211-18 and R.211 of the french “Code du Tourisme”



15 avenue Carnot

75017 Paris


  • Professional Liability Insurance

Through its broker GRAS SAVOYE, ArtLuxury Experience is insured by HISCOX for 1.500.000€.


N° : RCPAPST/194 692

12, quai des Queyries

33100 Bordeaux



ArtLuxury Experience™ is a trademark registered in France at INPI under N° : 13/4024029 and in Europe at OHIM under N° : 012615118


  • INPI – Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle

15 rue des Minimes – CS 50001

F-92677 Courbevoie Cedex


  • OHIM – Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market

Avenida de Europa, 4

E-03008 Alicante



  • Intellectual property rights and copyright notice

ArtLuxury Experience holds all the intellectual property rights and operating rights of the Website, its content and all items forming it – particularly copyrights, database content, trademark rights and design rights.

The Website, along with software, databases, texts, information, analyses, pictures, photographs, graphs, logos, sound and all other data contained on the Website remain the exclusive property of ArtLuxury Experience, or ,where applicable, of their respective owners with whom ArtLuxury Experience has signed use and operation agreements.

For further details refer to our complete General Terms and Conditions of sale and use published on line.


  • Photograph Credits

– les Initiés / Matthieu Genre- Gérard Leyris – Splendia- Académie de Médecine Paris Descartes – Carette- C. Aubin
– Fotolia – Musée Carnavalet – C. de Langsdorff
– The Travellers Club – Prince de Galles – F. Creusot
– Maison Méllério – Ateliers d’Art de France / I. Libersac – P.A. Hélène- S. De la Bigne
– La boutique des saveurs & le général hôtel / Erick Larrieu – J.P. Testud – Instants – tours SAS and its partners
– Y. De Bohan – J. de la Motte Rouge – L. de Marliave
– Musée d’Orsay – Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole – ClassChauffeur
– T. Givone – O. Lecocq – P. Négrevergne
– Krystal Kenney. – Fauchon L’Hotel Paris – Hotel Le Derby Alma Paris


  • ArtLuxury Experience has formally declared to CNIL, the French trusted Data Protection Body, under the Registration N°: 17258685 v 0 its compliance with the French Act N°78-17 of 6 January 1978, amended 2004, on information technology, data, files and civil liberties, relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.
    Confidentiality, Access and Modification of Information – CNIL Declaration


8 rue Vivienne

CS 30223

75083 Paris cedex 02


We therefore inform you that you have the right to request access, rectify, delete or correct your personal data by contacting us directly at the Head Office adress.


  • General Terms and Conditions of sale and use

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