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Experience the beautiful sights of Paris with a romantic city tour in a unique 1930s British convertible. This vintage limousine is truly one of a kind and it is the only one in Paris.

The magic will start right from the beginning of your tour, when you will be welcomed by your private driver, and it will continue inside the car. The 1930s music playing from the gramophone and the Champagne bottle waiting for you will create the perfect romantic atmosphere. And if the weather is warm and sunny, why not lower the car’s landaulet to admire the Parisian beauty that will surround you and to really feel like a star. With the attention that this vintage car attracts, it is impossible not to feel like a celebrity.

If you are passionate about history, why not take one of our talented historians with you? He or she will sit next to the driver, meaning you will still have your own space and privacy, and tells you all about the City of Lights. In addition, this car is completely Covid safe! With a glass separating you from the front seats, where the driver (and potentially the historian) will be, you have nothing to worry about!

If you want to live this unique and authentic experience, and you are ready to turn everyone’s head, contact us!

The 1930s british convertible in video