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Notre Dame’s Enigma


What is the symbolism of the architecture and décor of Notre-Dame Cathedral? Do those principles apply to other “Gothic” churches?  Why that term? Why build such huge edifices, that dominated the entire town? Why did they almost instantly spread throughout  Christendom, unifying Western culture as do Greek mythology, Roman law and language, and Judeo-Christian theology?

After explaining those essentials, we view the  monument in two ways. The medieval way: by coming close to the facade and peering up, as the concentration of houses obliged one to do. The modern way: from the edge of the huge, empty 19th century esplanade. As the photos here show, that space makes the giant church seem smaller and less imposing.

Why the change?

Notre-Dame is a medieval church in a 19th-century environment. Our visit gives insights into both those times.


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Notre-Dame's Enigma | Notre-Dame of Paris
Notre-Dame’s Enigma

1 Parvis Notre Dame - Place Jean-Paul II, Paris, France

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