• Jardins du Palais Royal - Paris - France

Hidden couture and the Palais Royal gardens


Visitors and Parisians alike overlook to Palais Royal Gardens, which are hidden from the street. Yet
that enclosed world harbors boutiques where luxury as it was once understood remains, and that connoisseurs patronize.

We introduce you to the most exceptional.The owners, who hospitably receive us, may give us their views on the impact of the recent encroachment of brand-name merchandise – and tell us how the market for quality is holding up.

Then we continue with the last independent workshop to make hand-made flowers for haute couture and the mysterious glass-covered passage where Nana, Emile Zola’s 19th-century courtesan, contemplated the superb gifts that her protectors would buy. We end in shop with spectacular decor, where the owner receives us as if we were guests in her salon.


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