Debra S.

Dear Olivier,

I am so pleased that Regena posted your email as I searched for your card upon my return and it was not to be seen. As I am in the travel business and only focus on high end travel, I am well aware of the value of well placed connections and a talent toward subtle social skills.  You are a master of both and Iwas so pleased that you were bestowed so much attention from the most beautiful goddesses. I was also gratified to see that my suggestion and introduction of Satya resulted in a visit to the atelier of Chanel with Regena and a few other goddesses.  I like to see myself as a bridge. Seeing a need and an opportunity and putting them together.  Again, of this you are a master. This was my first time to Paris with this group, and while I have been to Paris many times, I have never seen such elegant details attended to by a most elegant escort.

I look forward to remaining in contact with you and hope to enjoy your company and talents again.

With Great Respect

Debra S., USA