Palais Galliera, Anatomy of a collection
The Palais Galliera welcomes us to share with us owns some of the magnificent and exclusive pieces from its collection during a unique exhibition, Anatomy of a collection. This City of Paris Fashion Museum’s exhibition, where the garment comes and comes to lights under all its forms, reviews the history of clothing in its own way from the early 18th century to the present day…


Through the way and why the people wore it, the Palais Galliera invites us to discover a wonderful story telling, with this iconic side, across all these garments worn by a broad range of famous personalities or even unknown persons. There are more than one hundred garments and accessories from all the rich variety of the Museum’s holdings.

Among all these unique pieces, we can discover: The Napoleon’s waistcoat, the Empress Josephine’s dress, the Audrey Hepburn’s outfit, the Marie-Antoinette’s corset, a blouse that belonged to a First World War nurse, the Dauphin’s suit, the Cléo de Mérode’s riding jacket, a dress belonging to George Sand, the Sarah Bernhardt’s cape, a dress worn by the Duchess of Windsor and more… This is a fashion’s story told by those who wrote it, write it and will still write it!

Anatomy of a collection is dedicated to an exclusive clothing collection: it is not only History but a soul. By looking at each of the heritage pieces, we are not just looking at the garment itself, but we can also imagine the one who wore it and all the history there is around this collection’s piece.

The garment speaks for itself through the one who wear it…

palais galliera exposition paris


The City of Paris Fashion Museum is highlighting the legendary fashion from the early 18th century to the present day until October 23th, 2016.

10 avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, 75016 Paris

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palais galliera exposition paris