At the hilltop of Paris, a fairy tale’ invitation!

Paris is famous for its authentic places, its cobblestones, its landscapes, its international influence and for its districts divided into some of arrondissements that give it a soul with multiple atmospheres.image0 The hill of Montmartre is a must-see of the city. Dominated by the Sacré-Coeur basilica, it is here that a part of history is written. Also very picturesque, it has inspired many major painters and artists like Pablo Picasso or Renoir who used to live there. The bohemian life knew how to find its place on this high hillock of more than 130 meters. Montmartre and art are now one: poets, portraitists, painters, men of letters. It is specifically this artistic soul that has given Montmartre such unique place in the pantheon of art history.


However, this hill has also had a dark past, especially in its nightlife, whereas the presence of many cabarets also attracted infamous people, escaping from Paris to best get a free thug life in this hill, much easier to stay hidden.image10

Beyond the historical and artistic aspect, Montmartre is also the quintessence of romanticism. The hidden alleys giving improbable angles of view on the capital, an architecture at the antipodes of the 1850’s-1870’s Baron Haussmann’ style.

Montmartre being known for its touristic attraction, ArtLuxury proposes to share with you its favourites and best tips!

  • A walking tour or aboard a vintage car to visit the village:

To discover Montmartre in more detail we suggest you take part in a tailor-made tour with a guide in any language. Either on foot for the true lovers of hidden corners, or on board a 2CV or another vintage car giving you the impression that you have traveled in time. Trust him to lose you between epicurean addresses, vineyards, mills, the boat wash where Picasso lived, sumptuous views while telling the thousand and one marvels that have shaped this district so unusual that countries around the world dream to have in their homes.

  • Some gastronomic suggestions:image4

. We have selected a restaurant at the top of the hill on the famous Place du Tertre. Quality service with a team dressed in the original clothes of the waiters of the 20s. This restaurant proposes a large choice of dishes: on the menu, all the most famous French gastronomy such as snails, foie gras, entrecote or croque-monsieur and many other quality products. Take a seat in a garden set up on the Place du Tertre between painters and artists, far from the noise of Paris, in a space where time seems to have stopped forever

  • If you want to live an extraordinary experience, we invite you to participate in a private wine tasting just for you, in a secret address near the vineyards of Montmartre. This tasting will take place with our certified sommelier from Wine Set 3 of Cordon Bleu, throughout this experience you will discover little-known anecdotes and secrets in Montmartre.

image11. Moreover, we highly recommend a private hotel that belonged to the Hermes family located in the middle of a protected green space. Accessible from the heart of Montmartre, this hidden building is to be discovered. A simple entrance in a courtyard, a noble reception on the second floor and a basement dominated by the hotel.

Let’s start with the lounge. A refined decoration, a calm and romantic atmosphere and to crown it all, the dishes have been selected with choice and cooked with exception. In addition, the restaurant offers an outdoor service for you to enjoy an unusual and relaxing setting. As for the part located downstairs, perfectly arranged, the decor is magnificent, very flowery, with red velvet armchairs that accentuate the contrast. A superb veranda, a bar in the room, a pianist; so many elements which make this place of exception convivial and pleasant. The detail is also brought to the toilets where the name of some celebrities who went there is mentioned.

Having been originally an address for dandies and epicureans, we unveil it to you to propose you to live an exceptional moment.

At the bend of a street, it is a page of history, a hundred anecdotes, a past that neither the history books, nor the media will reveal to you.

Montmartre contains so many secrets that have survived to the time and that we would love to share with you!