Cheval Blanc Paris, Palace LVMH

After creating its first Cheval Blanc House in Courchevel in 2006, LVMH has left its mark in other prestigious international tourist destinations, such as Saint Tropez, Saint Barthélémy, Maldives, and finally Paris, where the latest one opened in September 2021. ArtLuxury had the privilege of discovering the premises, guided by Céline Thillaye, Sales Director.

Installed after a gigantic construction project, both in its architectural and cultural dimensions, within the former buildings of La Samaritaine, this new flagship of the House of LVMH could not be installed anywhere else… Located on the Quai du Louvre, at the foot of the Pont Neuf, the Palace Cheval Blanc Paris overlooks the Seine and is an obvious choice.




Wishing to remain faithful to the spirit of LVMH and its passion for contemporary creation, Cheval Blanc Paris revisits the codes of the luxury hotel industry with audacity and modernity. Art deco with a contemporary spirit, the interior design was entrusted to Peter Marino, an internationally renowned architect and expert in the codes of luxury. The latter was personally chosen by Bernard Arnaud, in order to highlight French arts and crafts.

Large bay windows let the light flood the rooms, light colours are sublimated by the details of the armchairs or the paintings on the walls. A refined, modern and contemporary style, in unison with its neighbour, La Samaritaine.


From a high, uncluttered entrance hall to a hushed corridor with subdued lighting, the hotel’s universe is entirely designed to invite you to let go and disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle…

Cheval Blanc Paris is a luxury hotel with only 72 suites and rooms, guaranteeing excellence in hospitality service but also a haven of peace and privacy. A soothing silence reigns in the rooms, creating a parallel world to the bustling Paris. We had the pleasure of discovering the Suite Seine.


Facing the entrance, the bay window of the living room offers a view of the whole of Paris and suggests a wonderful light when the city lights up at night.

The Suite Seine reveals a room designed by Peter Marino, spacious, warm and contemporary. Designed to feel at home, the winter lounge, a sumptuous glass overhang overlooking the Pont Neuf, as well as the living room, exude an intimate and warm atmosphere, offering not only a private bar but also a wine cellar.

The bathroom has a bathtub and a hammam shower. An exceptional choice of perfumed welcome products, signature of Cheval Blanc Paris imagined by François Demachy, the nose of the House of Dior, and finally a Dior Beauty Bar, revealing its most beautiful treatments.

Speaking of treatments, Cheval Blanc Paris offers a Well-Being Stopover, exclusively reserved for the hotel’s guests, including Dior Cheval Blanc Spa, Rossano Forretti hair salon, the sauna, the marble hammam, the snow shower, a Fitness & Yoga room, and finally, a superb 30m long swimming pool, absolutely fantastic both in its mosaic decor, signed by Michael Mayer, and in its peaceful and delicate atmosphere, sublimated by the reconstitution of the outside view, disturbing in its realism…


To end on a high note, Alexandre Larvoir, manager of Plénitude restaurant, opened the doors of his world to us and revealed a room full of sobriety. A refined, contemporary, modern atmosphere. Light colours, denoted by the green or orange armchairs, and finally tables allowing a measured number of people to gather, thus offering an intimate and warm atmosphere. The most astonishing thing is the silence of the room in front of the street and the bustle of the outside world, like a bubble out of time. This gastronomic restaurant, guided by the 3 Michelin starred chef Arnaud Donckele, promises an absolutely unique and exotic taste experience…


After passing through the wine cellar, a wooden case worked to the millimetre by carefully selected craftsmen, we are introduced to a small room called “Le Fumoir”. In the intimacy of a warm lounge, it is possible here to privatise and be served personally, during a starred dinner with exceptional wines for example… Without forgetting to mention the presence of a cigar cellar, a masterpiece of craftsmanship…



From the excellence of the service to the perfection of the details, everything is designed to make you experience happiness in the heart of Paris… a promise from LVMH.

After this memorable visit, ArtLuxury is pleased to recommend this grandiose and unforgettable experience…!

Don’t wait any longer to book your stay in this exceptional place, and contact us in order to benefit from the best provisions !