Paris virtual Tour #1: «Welcome to the Louvre»

In this particular period of containment, don’t you have ever dreamed to visit, virtually this time, the most emblematic Parisians’ monuments and museums, anytime from home?

Thus, and before we can offer you again our private guided visit with our best historians and speakers, ArtLuxury Experience has selected for you four of the very best museums and monuments of the City of Lights, that are currently offering amazing virtual galleries featuring their heritage and related collections.

Indeed, as a series, each Monday, we will publish one article revealing you a selection of creations and virtual tours proposed by each Parisian monument, in order to discover and admire them, despite this frustrating context of COVID-19. Last but not least, at the end of each article, we will ask you one question for your participation to our Serial contest: “Paris virtual Tour 2020.”

At the end of our fourth article, on Monday May 11th, day of containment’s end in France, we will invite you to participate to our Quiz 2020, through an on-line form, by answering to the four questions related to these articles, together with a subsidiary fifth question.


Two prizes to be won: two exclusive experiences of ArtLuxury will be awarded to the first two correct answers.

1) 1st Lot: an exclusive and gourmet picnic (for 2 people) organised by ArtLuxury Experience, on the lawns of the Champ de Mars.

2) 2nd Lot: according to the beneficiary’s preference, and always in the company of Olivier, President and Founder of ArtLuxury Experience :

– A “Gourmet Tour” (2 hours) in the very chic area of rue Cler near the Eiffel Tower.

– Or a guided tour (2 hours) of the Vanves Flea Market

For more details, please refer to the Rules of our Serial contest: “Paris virtual Tour 2020.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to win a PRIZE: on Monday April 11, 2020, after the publication of our 4th and last article you will be invited to participate to our Contest, by answering to five questions related to our articles! The first 2 correct answers will be awarded!

Today, we have the great pleasure to publish our article #1 …


Paris virtual Tour #1: “Welcome to the Louvre”


With its world-famous masterpieces like the “Joconde” or the “Vénus de Milo”, the Louvre is without contest one of the most influent museum in the world, but also one of the most innovative.

Louvre Joconde

If you are a fan of interactive adventures, we offer you herewith our selection of visits and virtual galleries recently created by the Louvre:

Indeed, the museum opens its doors and invites you to an exceptional visit of four of its rooms in virtual reality or in 360°, in order to take you for an immersive journey around the time and the ages:

You can also admire and “attend” until June 29th 2020 the exhibition “Figure d’artistes” dedicated to the “genius of Renaissance” and meet famous artists like Leonard de Vinci, Donatello, Michel-Ange.


After that, the Louvre invites you to visit the Sully wing, to plunge into the medieval Louvre and discover the past and the remains of this old fortress, from the medieval period to the revolution.

From there, you will then enter into the Sphinx crypt to continue the visit at the time of the pharaohs.

This time journey will come to the end with the last room recently renovated thanks to the patronage of the Maison Cartier: La Galerie d’Apollon. You will be able to discover its treasures, its magnificent ceiling and the presentation of its restoration’s steps.

Louvre salle

If you want discover and explore more in details its collections, the Louvre offers you a selection of 29 themes covering not only its masterpieces, unmissable, but also lesser-known pieces of art, but equally appreciable. This selection, be addressed to all profiles, amateurs or passionate, has been realized to reveal the exceptional richness of its collections.

In order to conclude our selection, the Louvre, gives you also a set of filmed recordings in its auditorium. Please enjoy the great privilege to assist from your home to

  • Concerts, including sublime musical works of the 18th century to the present day,
  • Initiations to the history of arts,
  • Conferences in history of arts,
  • Related programs to archaeology, art, history and culture, realized by renowned historians,
  • Works’ analyses,
  • Exhibition
  • Conferences of contemporary art,
  • Interviews

In addition, if you want to follow closely the news of the museum, do not miss its social medias, where are shared numerous pictures, works presentations, galleries etc.

Finally, after this containment, we would be happy to share “in situ” this experience with you, through VIP or private guided tours, with our one of our best lecturers.

In the meantime, please take care of yourself and your loved ones.