The Grand Masked Ball in Versailles

Do you ever wish you could travel back in time to participate in one of Louis XV’s exuberant and extraordinary parties at the Palace of Versailles?

Every year the Château de Versailles organises two spectacular costumed events to make this dream come true!

Indeed, starting with the Fêtes Galantes, on May 31st, 2021, an exceptional dress evening held within the Château, in the different Apartments and of course the renowned Hall of Mirrors, the Château de Versailles is also organizing the Grand Masked Ball in the Orangerie and Gardens, a few weeks later on June 19th, 2021.

Thus, ArtLuxury is delighted to arrange your bespoke participation to both events, but let’s discover today the amazing “Grand Bal Masqué”!


Group photo Fetes Galantes Versailles


Guests are dressed in sumptuous baroque costumes and dance the night away in grand fashion. You will be surrounded by magnificent costumes, masks, wigs and hats, transforming yourself into 18th century guests of King Louis XV!

At this unmissable event, every detail is curated perfectly to reproduce the unique style and ambience of the period. You will be welcomed to the Château de Versailles’ illuminated gardens with music and fountain games, opening the doors to an unforgettable night.




The event will start with a magnificent Night Fountain Show, after which guests will enter the Orangerie, an exceptional building normally closed to the public. The Orangerie parterre, accessible from the garden, flourishes with trees and plants from all over Europe, which form part of the elegant and intricate garden that surrounds a circular pool.

The Ball will include a spectacular array of performers and dancers to keep you entertained, along with the DJ, Michaël Canitrot, so that you won’t be able to leave the dancefloor! The night will go on until dawn with a display of fireworks and an amazing afterparty in the Ballroom Grove.


View of the Chateau de Versailles


With a promise of an unmissable and unforgettable night, starting at 23.30pm until dawn,  we invite you to join us at this exceptional event! Whether you’re participating as a couple or as a group, we would be delighted to organize your magical soirée!

Please visit our dedicated webpage and contact us for your bespoke quotation!