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Sotheby’s & Christie’s : Auction Houses


The English auction houses Christie’s and Sotheby’s have been established in Paris since 2001 and rival those of France’s Drouot. Your guide will let you discover one aspect of the multicultural Parisian universe of these establishments, and guide you toward your interests.

At the end of this visit, if you wish to pursue this exchange with your guide, you are welcome to invite him for a drink or a meal in a restaurant nearby that he would be delighted to recommend to you.


“Sotheby’s was founded in London on March 11, 1744, when Samuel Baker auctioned “several Hundred scarce and valuable books” from the library of the Rt Hon Sir John Stanley for a few hundred pounds. The story of Sotheby’s expansion beyond books to include the best in fine and decorative arts and jewellery is also the story of the global auction market, defined by extraordinary moments that continue to capture the world’s attention…”


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