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For the great wine lovers, this fall 2022, we have concocted tailor-made and private experiences for you with one of our favorite wine experts, both a Wset3 and Sommelier graduated by the very famous Cordon Bleu institute.

She will invite you to live a dream and an unforgettable gastronomic, oenological and cultural experiences: you set off together to discover confidential places, great cellars, awesome wines and exceptional moments of sharing!

It is an invitation to discover the greatest vintages of France, but also new flavors, the fabulous regions from which the grape varieties originate: to explore this know-how often imitated, never equaled and to walk in the footsteps of a culture which has been constantly evolving through the time while nonetheless respecting its traditions.

Here are the experiences we have curated for you:


Visit of Private Cellars and Wine Tasting

This very original visit of private cellars, is a tour inviting you to discover 4 Parisian cellars, in particular old and authentic institutions, and will be ending in the private cellar of our sommelier in order to enjoy a tasting throuh her talentfull accompaniement.

The Montmartre vineyard and wine tasting in a confidential location

Discover the one and only vineyard in Paris, located in the heart of the legendary Montmartre hill!

If you dream of enriching this experience with a tasting of great wines, she will reserve to you a very nice surprise.

Indeed, our talented sommelier will reveal a confidential place, ideal to enjoy a memorable culinary experience embellished with historical anecdotes in the continuity of the visit at the heart of the vineyards of Montmartre.

Private meals and wine pairing during a tasting lunch/dinner in a restaurant

Take the time to enjoy French gastronomy in a selected restaurant, accompagnied by the expert advice of our exceptional sommelier. take the time to love and live the moment, around wines specially selected to fully appreciate a delicious meal, your taste buds won’t be able to forget !

Tastings in the private cellar of our Expert Sommelier

The cherry on top, the chef’s tasting ! Discover the private cellar of our expert sommelier who will give you a unique taste experience in her private cellar. Her knowledge and talent will be unveiled in her choice of carefully selected bottles.

Moreover, this experience can be accompanied by best sampled charcuterie and cheese platters.

Tempted by this exclusive experience?

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