« Au bon temps de la Samaritaine… »


You may be Parisian or not, you certainly have heard of the iconic Samaritaine of Paris.

Let’s start with a little bit of history…founded in 1870 by M. Ernest Cognacq and his wife Marie Louise Jäy, the Samaritaine grew in size and went from 48m2 when it opened to more than 100m2 in only 4 years and became in 1900 the « Grands Magasins de la Samaritaine ». The couple didn’t have any child so when Ernest died, his great nephew Gabriel Coquacq and Georges Renard took over.


In the 60s, the Samaritaine became, with more than 48’000 m2, the biggest shopping mall in Paris, it’s at the time slogan “On trouve tout à la Samaritaine” (you can find everything at the Samaritaine) will be remembered.


Since 1970, the commercial prosperity of the Samaritaine is declining. In 1998, the shopping mall sees its surface decreasing and is now renting to other brands. So, in 2001, the Renard family sells the Samaritaine to the LVMH group, who still is the actual owner.


In June 2005 the Samaritaine closed and some gigantic restoration work began. It should have been finished in 2011 but an additional  10 years were necessary for it to be opened to the public.


Ten long years later we’re in 2021, more precisely the 23th June, the historical date of the reopening of the Samaritaine after more than 16 years of closure.



















If the retail space has been divided by three, notably because of the construction of a brand new palace “Le Cheval Blanc” right inside the walls of la Samaritaine it didn’t lose any of its former prestige. Since the reopening, thousands of people have had the chance to discover the new Samaritaine, authentic and modern.

The main building is listed as “Monument Historique” due to its splendid “Art nouveau” style mural. It’s more than 200 meters long, the largest in Europe. Today, the Samaritaine proposes more than 600 brands dispatched among 20 000m2.


The mall incarnates the French “art de vivre”: beauty studio, iconic restaurants, the largest cosmetics corner of Europe, a magnificent wine and spirits selection, a private lounge apartment etc… it has been designed to be perfect for spending the whole day and never get bored.


From jewelry to fashion to the beauty universe to the wine and spirits, you’ll find anything at la Samaritaine!


Due to its partnership with the Samaritaine, ArtLuxury Experience has the great pleasure to offer you a unique and exclusive opportunity : VIP treatment by having one of the secret rooms of the “private lounge” apartment privatized just for you.


In this exceptional, sophisticated apartment, your personal stylist will provide you the best fashion advices. No matter the occasion, our expert will find the pieces that you are going to fall in love with and that will sublime you.

grand salon


This 5 rooms apartment is composed of :

  • “Le Grand Salon”, centrepiece of the apartment that will be perfect to receive bigger groups as well as for hosting a reception
  • “Le Jardin d’Hiver” the blue salon, ideal for couples, it’s communicated with “le Boudoir “
  • “Le Boudoir”, as soft as a fluffy cloud , will be perfect for a mother and a daughter or for a group of friends who want a cozy and relaxing moment.
  • “La Bibliothèque” has an intimate atmosphere. This green salon is ideal for couples or small groups
  • Last but very not least, “Le Bureau”, huge living-room which can seat up to 8 people. It’s equipped with a closing door in the center that hides a big fitting room. It will be perfect for families or big groups. You won’t get tired showing your wonderful outfits by opening the door to your guests.


This out of time moment will be enhance with delicate “mignardises” as well as a coffee, some water or champagne as you may prefer.

Outside this stunning apartment, the Samaritaine propose a selection of more than 10 restaurants to offer you a wonderful breakfast, lunch or dinner. And the best of all, you can choose your favourite restaurant and have your meal delivered directly into your private room.

But you can of course also take your meal directly in the restaurant and come back to your room once you’re finished.

No matter your choice ArtLuxury Experience will take care of everything to offer you the best possible experience; for example, book you a private meal in the really exclusive “Studio Krug”, an exceptional music studio, for a truly unique experience, musical and culinary prepared by a two stars Chef with Krug Grand Cuvée Champagne.


Contact us now to reserve your exclusive private salon or other unique venues for a memorable moment at “La Samaritaine”