The Opéra Garnier reveals its secrets and much more…

Located in the heart of the City of Lights, in the 9th district, the Paris National Opera has become one of thes. Today it is considered one of the most important monuments of Paris. 

Baron Haussmann, prefect of the Seine under the Emperor Napoleon III (1852-1870), was missioned of organizing the architecture and the urbanism of Paris. As the first urban planner of France ever, he was the main stakeholder in the restructuring and the modernization of Paris in the 1850s. In 1860, Baron Haussmann had to organize a competition to select the new architect of the National Opera : thus, Charles Garnier has been nominated. The construction of this famous building was interrupted by the Prussian War and recommenced in 1870 during the Third French Republic. The fire which destroye the Opera Le Peletier in 1873, a location known for the attempted assassination of the French emperor few years ago, has accelerated the construction of Garnier. Therefore, security was very important to Charles Garnier who then decided to avoid the use of wood in the construction of the Opera. This is why it is the first time that Opera is named Palais – or Palace – because of its noble and fire-resistant materials, such as marble, stone, iron, bronze … On the 5th of January 1875, Mac Mahon, French President of the Third Republic, inaugurated the National Opera, which replaced the older one Rue Le Peletier. This Opera of Paris, symbol of luxury and elegance intended by Baron Haussmann to rhythm the French capital, became a mythic place of its time and still continues today. It was in 1990, during the construction of the Opera Bastille that people then used to call it “Opera Garnier”, to the tribute of its architect.escalier_

In terms of architecture, the Opera Garnier reflects the imperial style of its period. The main staircase invites the visitors to enter in an elegant and refined atmosphere inspired by Antiquity. Indeed, while discovering the main performance hall, we can observe a lot of statues, mosaics, colors and golden decorations inspired by Greek Antiquity. At that time, Palais Garnier was the place of major societal transformations and the flagship of all main technological revolutions. Indeed, it was the first site where the social boundaries were disrupted and last but not least it was the first opera with electrification in the world. Amphithéâtre de l'Opéra garnier

Since its creation, Artluxury Experience has collaborated with Opera Garnier, in particular by proposing exclusive tours after closing time. Thanks to this close partnership, we are regularly invited to events, the last one being an unbelievable rehearsal during a classic dance ballet class last week. Moreover, this collaboration allows us to be very flexible, and adapt the concept permanently according to the visitor’s demand. Such close partnership, reflecting our business philosophy, enables us to provide the best bespoke service and personal accompaniment to our guests. 

More specifically, Artluxury Experience proposes backstage tours of the Garnier Opera. Moreover, our certified tour guides will give you the benefit of the knowledge acquired during many years of experience. Some private stories will be revealed as well as spaces that are normally concealed and hidden to the public. In the framework of an exceptional and inimitable moment, come and discover a unique place in the world, mythical of French art and Parisian culture. Come and discover the gilding, sculptures and not to forget, the ceiling of the Opera which has been entirely repainted by Marc Chagall in 1964.Opera Garnier Plafond Chagall

This ceiling is a remarkable work of art with a surface area of 220 square meters that replaced the previous ceiling originally decorated by Jules-Eugène Lenepveu. Indeed, accused of breaking the unity of place when it was inaugurated, it is considered today as an iconoclast master-piece that inspires wonder and shows the evolution of the Opera Garnier over the time. Since always, this exceptional place has inspired so many stories such as the Phantom of the Opera… that it definitely deserves to organize your visit.

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