Paris s’éveille !

Oh yes! Paris is waking up!!!

After the re-opening of the Vanves flea market and the renaissance of the Parisian Gastronomy offerings, ArtLuxury was so much pleased to experience last week the new opening of the auction houses, and art market, obviously starting with Drouot, famous Parisian Institution and unique worldwide!

Drouot auctions houses
Indeed, last Wednesday afternoon, Olivier and Pierre, the Community Manager where on site to attend very interesting auctions as well as checking how the global operations have been adapted to address the new social distancing constraints.


Except the traditional auctioneer’s hammer blow, the atmosphere and the affluence were, indeed, rather quieter than usual. For instance, compared to the previous years, the June forecasted sales have decreased to the half as well as the number of visitors is not more than a quarter.
Nonetheless, it is important to notice that this weak affluence does not prevent the high quality of the sales in most Auction Houses in Paris and surrounding places: magnificent pieces full of stories, like the self-portrait of Antoine de Saint Exupéry in Drouot, souvenirs of the Queen Marie-Antoinette in Osenat, or Asterix and Obelix plates drew by Uderzo in Artcurial!

The Petit Prince auctions houses drouot

Thus, it is to be mentioned that during the two months of lock-down, the auction houses were not all totally closed. As a matter of fact, this period has been the opportunity for some houses like Drouot, Sotheby’s etc to further develop their online auctions activities.

This has been a rather successful initiative, featuring a considerable increase of twice more furniture and artwork sales!

Since the progressive re-opening started mid-May, the auction houses are now all operational, redeploying gradually their activities, offering to the visitors the best possible condition, while keeping the social distancing measures. Indeed, the access of the houses is strictly regulated, thereby limiting the number of visitors and buyers. Furthermore, the opening hours, exhibitions and sales are also adapted such as the conditions of withdrawal and sales shipment.

auctions houses Drouot

In order to compensate the cancellation of worldwide iconic Antic art fair “Biennale de Paris”, some houses such as Christie’s are currently planning alternative events addressed to top antic dealers. Indeed, this renown House will put in place eleven online sale auction days starting from September,10th to 21st. Besides, it is important to highlight that part of its revenue will be reversed to the Stéphane Bern Foundation dedicated to the preservation and funding of the French heritage!


Considering that these auctions are finally much more comfortable with less affluence, and that the Houses will organise quite fantastic sales in the following months, we definitely invite you to stay tuned …. Hopefully you’ll get get the chance to find the gem of your dream!

Last but not least, in case you’ll much better enjoy such experience with our expertise, do not hesitate to contact us so as to organise our bespoke arrangement to accompany you.