Paris s’éveille !

Oh yes! Paris is waking-up!!!

Well-know all around the world for its specialities and typical dish, France is become one of the most emblematic and major actors in terms of gastronomy. Growing-up over the last centuries, the French cooking reached a major recognition during the Middle Age with its sumptuous banquets organized in the castles featuring well decorated and seasoned dish.  Real part of the French culture, the gastronomy embodies “L’Art de vivre à la Française”.

Unfortunately, for two months with this lockdown and new deal, the catering and restaurants world is and was totally upset and in a big blur. Even since May 11th, with the announcement of pre-deconfinement, bars and restaurants were still standing by, waiting for a decision of the government for the full opening. Finally, on May 28th, a partial relief has been officially announced giving a 2 steps permission:  terraces re-opening as of today June 2nd, and then total re-opening on June 22nd.

Therefore let’s explore what we can now enjoy in Paris in terms of French gastronomy, can it be a casual meal or an exclusive gourmet experience.

  • Click and collect/ Delivery:

Set-up by lot of restaurants, the click & collect solution is definitely become the most popular one, as well as more affordable most of the times. Even some Michelin stared or famous restaurants are offering this service too. As illustration we have selected for you the special offerings of two renown Chefs.

  • Café Constant by Christian Constant

Located in the famous rue Saint Dominique in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, the Café Constant is offering you since the middle of the lockdown a weekly menu, with a different set menu each day for €22 composed of a starter, a course and a dessert.  Discover here the menu of this week!

Menu Christian Constant - gastronomy

Famous multi-starred Chef Alain Ducasse, unmissable reference of the French gastronomy has specially created 4 boxes or Menus, starting from €18:

  • The classic BOX
  • The fresh BOX
  • The marine BOX
  • The vegan BOX

If you want a bespoke BOX, you can also create your:

  • BOX of the Day
  • Card BOX

Your set menu can be delivered in bicycle or picked-up in a lovely place at his restaurant Ducasse sur Seine, located on a superb boat near the Eiffel Tower!

  • Chef at home

If you are a lover of amazing and exclusive experience, ArtLuxury gives you the opportunity to invite a Chef at your home! From grocery shopping to cooking as well as from table service to washing up, everything is taken care of! This is the opportunity to enjoy a unique and unforgettable moment!

Two menus are available: The Epicure and Signature menu.

  • And what about the restaurants re-opening?

For you, ArtLuxury Experience made some field interviews with some of them in order to figure out how they plan it, progressively in the following weeks.

Indeed, for all of them, due to the various new Covid19 related constraints, such as social distancing, terraces only up to June, 22nd … re-opening is a critical matter of profitability, staff, procurement from suppliers etc.
In case of re-opening, the cards will most probably be reduced.

As a matter of fact, during our promenade today, we noticed that almost half of the terraces are not open.

Café de l'esplanade - gastronomy

Therefore, we invite you to stay tuned in our social media, we will keep you informed about the next steps and full re-opening!

If you are interested in a Chef at home experience or any further information, do not hesitate to contact us!