As you can imagine, last Saturday, ArtLuxury Experience was so much pleased to go back to one of the most emblematic flea markets of Paris: “The Puces of Vanves”.
Indeed, it was the official D Day of the re-opening of the flea market after this two-months lockdown.
Before showing you its renaissance, let’s discover together its amazing history, whereas the flea markets of today, with its wonderful bohemian and family spirit has nothing to do with its origin!

Vanves flea market

Indeed, far away from its atmosphere today, the Parisian flea market, starting in the Middle Age was at this period a place where poor people were dealing to earn money. In fact, their hard and painful work was consisting of handling and selling second hand and recycled materials such as irons, skins, rags… that is how were born the rag and bone men.

At this medieval time, there was a unique flea market in the center of Paris, close to Notre Dame. But gradually, the flea market spread away in several places and then began to be expulsed of the city centre during this expansion.

Thus, the first step of this evolution began in the middle of the XVIII century, where this kind of activities started to be forbidden in the city by the police due to the new salubrity regulation. This restriction forced the ragmen to move and join the district of Grenelle at the outskirts of the capital in this period.

Later on, in 1884 under the prefect Eugène Poubelle the ragmen faced a new situation with the apparition of the dustbin. This innovation was not only a considerable sanitary revolution for the population, but also a real change of their daily work, benefiting of a much more rational salvage.

Finally, under the Second Empire the expulsion was tightened, forcing them to move away again. That is the birth and the flourish of the three famous flea markets still existing today: Vanves, Saint Ouen and Montreuil.

The Puces de Vanves usually gather 380 exhibitors, presenting different and various items. From the paints, to the decorative art, passing by the watches or the silverware, find what you dream is like an evidence. Moreover, Vanves is the only intramural flea market of Paris.

Vanves flea market

Now, let’s give you some news of the Puce of Vanves, today after this lockdown!

In order to respect the social distancing, the market is separated in two parts, introducing alternance for each side of the market according to the week: pair weeks limited to sidewalk exhibitors while impair week to sellers on the other side. Besides, the opening days and hours remain the same: Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 2pm.

With such convivial atmosphere on a sunny day, this re-opening was a unique experience, a good moment to change our mind and bargain to find the rare pearl!
During this memorable morning ArtLuxury Experience was so happy to find great deals,  such as a magnificent heat lamp for Olivier and some watches mechanics for Pierre, the intern!

Olivier et lampe bouillote - Vanves flea market

What a pleasure to be back there!!

If you are interested by a guided visit in company of Olivier, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to share again this experience with you!