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Tour of the Palace de Malmaison of Joséphine


Discover,  during an exclusive and unique tour, the Palace of Malmaison, a magnificent dwelling where the Empress Josephine and Emperor Napoléon lived, far from the austere atmosphere of the Tuileries Palace. Since its acquisition in 1799, Josephine has dedicated much time and passion to decorate this palace. Known as “the Petit Trianon” of Joséphine, your guide, an innovative creator of cultural events in particular dedicated to Empire period, will introduce you to her universe nearby Paris. He will evoke her passion for botanic and horticulture and reveal you how she used to receive the Imperial Court.

At the end of this visit, if you wish to pursue this exchange with your guide, you are welcome to invite him for a drink or a meal in a restaurant nearby that he would be delighted to recommend to you.


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