Little Africa in Paris, a unique neighborhood


Here in Paris, African immigrants come from all the metropolitan region for imports, hairdressers, tailors, embroiderers and memories of home. We call this place ” Little Africa “…

Discover two outstanding couturiers: one is at the heart of “sapeur attire – that of African dandies who make overdressing an art. The other has made prototypes for Kenzo and Paco Rabanne and is now creating his own collection.

The area hums with small businesses that deal with “looks:” hairdressers’ posters show dozens of styles, shops sell the exuberant prints worn all over Africa, tailors’ street-level workshops produce festive attire. Surprising to Europeans is the indifference to decor: clients come for the owner, and to chat.

One senses another philosophy. The innumerable coiffures in the posters suggest individuality within a group. Tailors’ outfits are superlatively personal. Friends hang out in the beauty salons and workshops.

The neighborhood is almost unknown.


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