• Opéra Garnier auditorium painting Marc Chagall

Do you already know the Opéra Garnier? Have you been astounded by the grandeur and sophistication of the Opéra, from the Grand Foyer to the marble Grand Staircase and the Auditorium?


What we are promising here is our exclusive and confidential tour “behind the scenes”, an exceptional experience like never before! Our guide, a historian and a specialist of the Palais Garnier, having worked there for ten years, will reveal the mysteries of this exceptional monument’s backstage, guiding you in a unique tour that is not open to the public.


You will marvel at gilded decorations, mirrors, and ceilings painted by illustrious artists such as Marc Chagall, admiring an emblematic monument which lies at the heart of Paris’ high culture. 


With our exclusive tour you will be guided backstage, in particular by exploring some of the hidden gems of the Opéra, such as the “cabestans” room of machineries, the sublime Foyer de la Danse, where dancers still rehearse today before performing, without forgetting about all the other mysteries that surround this magical monument.


What are you waiting for? Choose to have an extraordinary experience, discover with us the memorable secrets hidden backstage at the Opéra Garnier!



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