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Indulge in an exclusive, confidential, and tailored gastronomic experience with our private chef, who welcomes you and tantalizes your taste buds in the privacy of his apartment.

Immerse yourself in an intimate ambiance and savor a unique moment with our talented chef, relishing meticulously crafted dishes that cater to your desires, all curated by a passionate autodidact. Discover flavors, presentations, and culinary artistry like never before. A bespoke culinary journey awaits you, where each bite tells a story—the astonishing tale of a passion rooted in childhood that the Chef will narrate.

Elevate your culinary experience and create unforgettable memories through our exclusive private tasting.


  1. A private lunch/dinner at the private chef’s counter, designed and prepared exclusively for you, where you will be the exclusive guests of Jérôme.

The first step of the Experience begins during the reservation, where you discreetly share which ingredients you crave, those you avoid, and any potential intolerances/allergies, allowing the Chef to craft a personalized menu based on the season, his inspiration, and market-fresh ingredients. Upon your arrival, the Chef greets you in his apartment, and you get to know him while enjoying a glass of Champagne. You then take your place at the kitchen counter, and the chef takes center stage, skillfully maneuvering in the kitchen to showcase his culinary creations. Each dish is meticulously prepared with precision. Throughout, you have the opportunity to engage in conversation with the chef, learning more about his passion, his history, his inspirations, and the stories behind his iconic dishes. This unique combination of culinary pleasures, the grace of a personalized meal, and the opportunity to witness firsthand culinary expertise is not to be missed.

  1. A VIP market visit with our private Chef, followed by a cooking class and the enjoyment of your creation in his apartment!

Your experience begins at the time of booking, when you decide with the Chef which dish you will create together: appetizers, starters, main course, or a sweet treat—many possibilities await! You then delve into the heart of the Experience, meeting the Chef, a passionate creator and your guide throughout the journey. Together, you venture to a renowned Parisian gourmet market known for its high-quality ingredients, handpicked by the Chef. He introduces you to his personal kitchen, which he opens exclusively for you! The chef guides you at every step of the preparation in a collaborative workshop, regardless of your skill level. The essence is to derive pleasure and live a unique gourmet experience. You savor the fruits of your labor while engaging in a conversation with the chef, discussing flavors, techniques, and the stories behind the dishes. His expertise, advice, and passion for food will create a memorable and immersive culinary journey.

  1. A custom ‘Food and Wine Pairing’ experience curated just for you by our Sommelier and Chef!

The experience commences with a warm welcome from the Chef and the sommelier at the Chef’s counter, an atmosphere that exudes sophistication and invitation. Both are experts in their respective domains. The Chef has imagined and crafted an exclusive, tailored menu based on your preferences and potential allergies/intolerances that you have communicated during the reservation process. Our sommelier has selected wines to ‘narrate’ the menu envisioned by the Chef, ensuring a truly personalized and tailor-made experience. The culinary journey starts with the Chef ‘playing’ with the ingredients he has chosen to surprise and tantalize your taste buds. Meanwhile, the sommelier passionately and expertly narrates the wines he has selected to complement and elevate the flavors of each dish. You embark on a sensory exploration, discovering how each sip enhances and interacts with the dishes, creating a symphony of flavors on your palate. Throughout the evening, the Chef and sommelier share their knowledge and passion, fostering a dialogue around the dishes and wines. They explain the inspiration behind each creation, the origin of the ingredients, and the unique characteristics of the ‘Food and Wine Pairings,’ providing a deeper appreciation of culinary artistry and the joy of gourmet sharing.


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