Jérôme, our culinary talent !

Today we are proud to highlight our culinary talents!

To begin this serie of our talented partners, we are delighted to introduce to you our Private Chef, Jérôme, and invite you to enter in his universe.
Since his early childhood, Jérôme has passionately embodied the essence of a true culinary artist. Introduced to the art of cooking at 6 years old, he began by making sweet delicacies before exploring the world of savory foods at 8 years old, under the influence of his family’s Bresse region.
Offering a confidential culinary experience in his own apartment, he invites you directly to be hosted and greeted at his Kitchen counter for a private lunch or dinner! Bringing together enthusiasts of local products, French cuisine and mignardises during a fully private moment like out of the time, this is the real promise that Jérôme makes to you!

Inspired by each encounter, he composes surprising menus, orchestrating unique emotions and desires for his guests. His unexpected cuisine is the fruit of his imagination and magic expertise! It constitutes an invitation to share and live his passion, to exchange and to amaze your sense. For Jérôme, providing pleasure through his cooking is as enriching as enjoying it. A meeting with him promises an exceptional culinary experience, where each dish tells a story of passion and emotion.

Jérôme embodies thirty years of passionate and spontaneous cooking, inviting you to a confidential, exclusive and tailor-made experience. Discover new flavors, presentations and culinary art. A tailor-made gourmet journey awaits you, where each bite tells a story, the astonishing story of a passion rooted in childhood that the Chef will reveal to you. Moreover, If you are curious and want to discover the origin of his delicate gourmet products, he can take you on a half day through the different local Parisian markets from where he draws much of his inspiration! Enhance your culinary experience and create unforgettable memories with our exclusive private tasting.

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